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Pressing, also known as stamping, is a process of strip forming a material in a stamping press or multi-slide bending tool (Bihler).

In the case of leaf springs, we form spring steel to the right dimensions.

Besides the leaf springs, we also form a material that doesn’t have high tensile strength. We stamp brackets from carbon steel with, or without, surface treatment and contact parts made from Brass or Phosphor bronze, with or without a tin layer for electrical conductivity.


We have several ways to produce leaf springs. We laser-cut blankets on our laser machines for small quantities; bending will be manual. If the requested amount of the customer is higher, it makes sense to stamp the blankets on a press and additional bending. If the quantities are high enough, it is possible to produce the complete product on a press or Bihler machine. Stamping and bending are done on the machine with the specific tooling. The development of these tooling is within United Springs to guarantee and continue the knowledge of this technology.

0,20-1 mm to 150 mm wide

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0,20-1 mm to 150 mm wide

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Compression Limiters are metal inserts designed to protect molded plastic components from the compressive loads generated by the tightening of bolts or screws. Tubular Compression Limiters may be inserted molded directly into an assembly, or may be pressed in after molding.

Thickness 0,20 till 2 mm

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