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Where performance is critical to your success, United Springs excels in designing and manufacturing of bespoke wire forms, pressings, and coil springs.

Our technology is state-of-the-art and the most modern in Europe. The capacity of our Group manufacturing facilities meets the needs of the high-volume automotive market within which we are premier suppliers. We also specialize in low-volume production via our hand coiling section and dedicated prototyping department.

United Springs has developed a solid reputation for quality and service in each of the many sectors we supply; among those are: automotive, aerospace, motorsport, rail, power generation, off-highway, electronics, consumer goods, transport, flow control, nuclear power, packaging, leisure, defense, petro-chemical, oil and gas and, marine.

We are perfectly positioned to supply our global markets with manufacturing plants in France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and sales offices in several countries, we are perfectly positioned to supply our global markets.

United Springs is a part of the Sogefi Group, one of the world leaders in Suspensions, Filtration, and Thermal Management.

United Springs has been working successfully in various markets and for many active customers worldwide. Some of our plants have been a supplier of technical precision springs, stamping parts, and bushes for more than 100 years. Thanks to our latest investments in our machinery, we can anticipate the needs of our customers even faster and more flexibly.

Our approach focuses on finding the correct spring solutions for the increasingly complex applications of our customers. Springs that meet the desired function, service life, easy to assemble.

Developing together, successful together.



United Springs B.V. in the Netherlands will celebrate its 100th anniversary.


The United Springs Limited (UK), celebrated its 200th anniversary.

United Springs launched a new facility to manufacture in China. This new operation extends our offering to locally manufactured goods. Clients benefit from existing global supply networks and the surety of dealing with an established partner.

Verenfabriek Atlas from Coevorden merged with United Springs in Hengelo, the Netherlands.

The 2 individual spring companies in France and Netherlands changed their name to United Springs. United Springs S.A.S for France, United Springs B.V for Netherlands, and in the UK, it remains United Springs Limited.

2003 1
2003 2

In France, the Precision Springs division was established, comprising the Charmes (88) and Mussey-sur-Marne (52) sites, which belonged to Allevard Rejna. In the same year, Allevard Rejna Auto-suspensions (Sogefi Group) acquired the H.V.B (Netherlands) and the United Springs Ltd (UK), making the Sogefi Group a major player in the global spring manufacturing industry.


In the Netherlands, the name of Hengelose Verenfabriek Bakker changed to H.V.B.

1998 2

In France, the French company was purchased by AMSU SA and became a Société Anonyme. On January 1, 1995, it merged with S.A. AMSU (Atelier Métallurgique de Saint Urbain, in Haute Marne).


In the United Kingdom, Robert Riley Limited was part of the United Spring & Steel Group plc and amalgamated with United Industries plc to form the biggest spring manufacturing company in Rochdale. In 1990, a purpose-built factory was opened, and the newly formed company, United Springs Limited, supplied components to various industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Nuclear, Electrical, Rail, and Defence.


In the Netherlands, United Springs B.V. was founded as N.V. Machine en Veerenfabriek H. Bakker. In 1949, Verenfabriek Atlas was founded.

1923 1
1923 2

In France, the company, which would later become United Springs S.A.S, was founded by Jean-François Montal in Paris, specializing in spring production


In the United Kingdom, Robert Riley Limited was established in 1821, making springs for the cotton industry and other manufacturing businesses in the local area. Through time the company developed new products and was a supplier to the Ministry of Defense (M.O.D.) during the two World Wars.


Member Of Sogefi

Sogefi Group is a leading global supplier of original parts for the automotive industry, with over 40 years of experience. Sogefi designs, develops, and produces filtration systems and flexible suspension components, air management and cooling systems. For more than 7 years, the Group has supported the main manufacturers in developing sustainable mobility products. The SOGEFI Group, with its 5400 employees, is present today on 4 continents in 18 countries. The Group has 35 production units and 7 R&D centers.

Through its strong commitment to research, Sogefi Group continuously improves its components with technological developments across all product sectors, optimizing performance in terms of a life cycle, efficiency, size, weight, and environmental compatibility.

Firmly focused on the future, the SOGEFI Group places innovation at the center of its strategy to develop technologies per its objective: be a sustainable and innovative partner for the Mobility of the Future.

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