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Wire Springs

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Wire forming is an art. We specialize in removing waste from the design and manufacturing processes.

Our range starts at a one-off, craftsman-produced prototypes and runs into the millions a year range using the world's latest multi-axis CNC technology.


Compression Springs are the most popular types produced. They can be made in two ways; on high-tech auto coiling machinery for large volume orders or via our highly skilled hand coiling division for more specialized projects. Materials can withstand extreme temperatures and perform in the most challenging environments.
All Springs are designed with an extensive appreciation for the materials, finishes, and processing required to deliver the perfect solution. We manufacture all varieties of Compression Springs and supply the world’s most demanding companies.

Ø 0,10-35mm; 1 to 100 Mio pcs

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Extension Springs, or Tension Springs, as they are also known, is one area of specialist expertise, manufactured by the most advanced 19-axis CNC programmable technology. These Springs are often found on boot release mechanisms of cars but can be supplied with a variety of loops and end types for different applications across various industries. Highly experienced staff are well versed in advising customers on the most suitable solutions for each project, carefully balancing performance and cost considerations. United Springs is unique, just like the infinite number of bespoke produits we produce.


Ø 0,20-4mm

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Although not as common as other types of springs, Torsion Springs are based on a ‘spring that twists’ and are ideally suited to raising and lowering garage doors. They are also found in small electrical switches and other electrical components. We produce Torsion Springs from round and square section material, for example, a tank commander’s hatch which is heavily armor-plated. These Springs perform in extreme conditions, so they need to be durable and reliable.

Ø 0,20-4mm

PM USL 076 1600x900
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From flush-fitting spring-loaded halogen lights to car headlights, wing mirrors, and coffee machines, our high- quality Wireforms play a crucial role. There is a multitude of applications that also include decorative purposes and items for the gift industry – providing no-nonsense durable solutions. We consider Wireforming to be an art as we specialize in removing waste from both the design and manufacturing processes. Our range can start as a one-off craftsman-produced prototype, and run into millions of products yearly using the world’s latest multi-axis CNC processes.


Ø 0,20– 5mm

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United Springs produces the flexible augers according to your specifications. We can vary with the diameter, length, pitch as well as material dimension.

Ø 5 till ø 10 mm as well as squared 10 mm; length 30 meter max

img1 1600
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Copper forms are widely used in electro-mechanical fields ; these parts are intended to pass an electric current. United Springs has developed its know-how for this type of material, which requires perfect knowledge of the process in order not to alter its operations.

Ø 1,50– 3 mm

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To learn more about our springs and pressings for the automotive industry.

With manufacturing plants in France, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom and sales offices in several countries, we are perfectly positioned to supply our global markets.