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Philips Supplier Award 2013 for United Springs B.V.

United Springs BV has received the Philips Supplier Award 2013 from Mr. Ronald Bruggink (Senior procurer) and Johan Damkot (Senior Buyer) during a special meeting at United Springs B.V. in Hengelo (The Netherlands). This award is presented annually in Winterswijk by Philips Lighting to the best performing suppliers. For the year 2012 int total only eight supplier were awarded.

The aspects that have been assessed are: correct and timely deliveries, maintaining inventories, quick and flexible reaction and pro-actively thinking in solutions.

United Springs B.V. is for Philips Winterswijk a supplier of wire- and leaf springs and also for spring assemblies. For a wide variety of customers spring solutions are developed, tested through prototypes and manufactured in small or especially very large quantities, according to customer specification. With an ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certification, United Springs B.V. is well equipped to supplying at the highest level.


Philips Award 2013