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February 2012, some students of the Technical College in Enschede asked for advice regarding a special project, called: Tennis ball launcher. Because Atlas Springs, part of United Springs B.V. is well known to this school regarding spring solutions, some students of the department of mechanical engineering visited our plant to discuss their project.

The project description: produce a low cost tennis ball launcher to shoot the ball to a distance of 10 or 13 meters with an accuracy of 35 centimetres. The same project was done at a Technical College in Germany. Of course this ended in a competition last week.

Dutch students

Spring Driven Launcher

The students already had chosen to use a spring driven launcher. After some discussion we provided a spring for free, with only the obligation to mention United Springs as a sponsor. The presentation of the this successful project was on 5th July, for which we were invited. During the last few weeks the launcher, see photo, was shown to many fellow students.

Also during to the open house days, which will be in September 2012, with new potential students from NL and Germany visiting the school, this project will be shown as an example of how to work in project groups.

For United Springs this is a typical occasion to be working together with a technical educational facility  in order to bring the technology to the students. In return, these students -our future customers- will never forget who to contact for a decent spring: United Springs.

And finally the dutch students won the competition.